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A savoury, aromatic, and flavourful dish are all you need to recharge yourself. Presenting the Catch Coriander Powder takes your dish’s tadka to the next level. Add it to your regular meals or special preparations; with this, you will always have a zesty taste garnishing your taste buds. Catch Dhaniya Powder is sourced from the best core spice growing areas of Ramganj & Kota (Rajasthan), making your food taste the best. It gives a perfect aroma and colour to dishes making them taste scrumptious. Coriander powder has been a part of Indian cuisine for ages, making it an integral part of daily cooking. Catch Dhaniya Powder not only adds an aromatic taste to your meal but also increases its nutritional value. Catch Ka Koi Match Nahi.

atch Coriander/Dhaniya Powder 200GM

SKU: 0323
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