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Patanjali brings to you the world-renowned indian basmati rice. Highly prized and delicious with a unique texture and aroma, this rice has come from the foot hills of himalaya. Each grain has been individually sorted in colur sorter machine. Now, make every meal a special occasion.


SKU: 0435
  • 1. Delicious with unique texture and aroma.
    2. If soaked properly, On cooking, the Grains double in size, won't break or won't stick together.
    3. Low Cost as compared to other Top Brands.
    3. Mostly used for biryani and fried rice.
    4. High volume expansion during cooking
    5. Easy digestibility and longer shelf-life
    6. Aromatic fragrance and non-sticky after cooking.
    7. Excessive elongation on cooking.
    8. Soft and fluffy texture of cooked rice.
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